Leadership Team

Erin Michelson,

Founder & CEO

Kind Profile: Altruistic

Named one of Forbes #Next1000, Erin is recognized for her entrepreneurial vision. She spearheads Summery’s strategic direction, business development, and client relationships.

Marie G. Evelyn,

Ph.D., CTO

Kind Profile: Altruistic

With expertise in Computational Science, Marie oversees Summery’s engineering and science teams, focusing on technology strategy, data privacy, and system integration.

  • Behavioral Science: Helga Wild, Ph.D.
    Kind Profile: Analytical
  • Data Science: Steven Ketchpel, Ph.D.
    Kind Profile: Generous
  • Technology: Kanishka Maheshwari
    Kind Profile: Discerning
  • Engineering: Zack Drescher
    Kind Profile: Principled
  • Creative Direction: Chad Rea
    Kind Profile: Discerning
  • Client Success: Amy Chou
    Kind Profile: Discerning
  • High Technology Sales: Jeff Smith
    Kind Profile: Discerning
  • Ethics & Social Impact: Jane Levikow
    Kind Profile: Discerning

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