About the Data

Nonprofits leverage Kind Quiz data for organization-wide benefits: 1) Development teams gain prospective donors and additional revenue; 2) Communications & Membership teams increase engagement; 3) Program officers build out responsive constituent programming; 4) Executives and Board members measure Institutional Advancement success.

Corporations leverage Kind Quiz data for organization-wide benefits: 1) CSR teams increase employee engagement; 2) HR assesses the alignment between organizational culture and applicant/employee values for cultural add; 3) Evaluations & Measurement teams measure value alignment of stakeholders (employees/vendors/customers) with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals; 4) C-suite executives set a baseline in which to report on “social” adherence in their ESG platform.

Colleges leverage Kind Quiz data for organization-wide benefits: 1) Students are personally matched with success opportunities, including internships, mentors, and campus programs; 2) Student Affairs personalizes outreach to promote student belonging; 3) Office of the President assesses the alignment between campus culture and student/faculty/staff values for cultural add.

Protecting data is our top concern. Not only do we follow GDPR standards, but The Kind Quiz is designed so that each individual formally opts-in to participate. Summery does not rent, sell, or share personal information. Please read our Ethical Data Policy.

About The Kind Quiz®

The Kind Quiz was created to help individuals better understand their values. Upon completing the 5-minute online quiz, each participant is matched with 1 of 10 Kind profile types (representing 98,304 different combinations of traits) and receives a 3-page overview of their profile to help them select social impact activities that resonate with their values. In client versions of the quiz, participants are automatically matched with 3 personalized activities corresponding to their Kind profile.

In developing the quiz, we opted to use the lens of “kindness” because it underpins multiple values, such as trust, honesty, integrity, and respect. In a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation “Business Case for Kindness” report, 88% of respondents agree or strongly agree that workplaces that are more accepting and kind are more successful. Check out our infographic highlighting 15 benefits of kindness in the workplace.

Our scientists designed the quiz to be quick and engaging. And the results have been proven by tens of thousands of participants from more than 146 countries, including community members from nonprofit organizations from around the world and college students across the U.S. College Testimonials.

Developed by our team of cognitive and behavioral scientists with backgrounds in neuropsychology and cultural anthropology, The Kind Quiz has a rigorous scientific foundation. We continuously test quiz validity and reliability, including anti-bias crowd-truthing, to ensure that quiz profiles are representative and resonate with all audiences. Here’s how we developed the quiz.

About the Net Culture Score®

The Net Culture score measures the alignment between an organization’s stated culture and the organizational values as expressed by stakeholders, such as employees, students, and donors. We assess publicly available documents that represent the organization’s “aspirational” values and compare the stakeholders’ aggregate scores from The Kind Quiz to create a numeric score.

Organizations use the Net Culture Score (NCS) to assess current culture and set a baseline that enables executives to measure changes in culture over time. The score is also used to curate programs to encourage individual and team behaviors to facilitate greater alignment between organizational culture and stakeholder values. Here’s an overview of the benefits of the NCS®.

Creating a Net Culture Score (NCS) is a 4-part process: 1) Organizational stakeholders take The Kind Quiz to gain an understanding of their values; 2) Summery’s team of scientists leverage AI technology, including Natural Language Processing, to scrape and assess an organization’s publicly available documents; 3) Our scientists measure the delta or gap between the organization’s stated values and aggregated values of stakeholders who have taken The Kind Quiz to discern cultural alignment; 4) A numeric score is assigned based on a weighted scoring system. Here’s how we developed the NCS®.

About Social Impact Activity Matching

Individual Kind profiles can be matched with 3 opportunities from Summery’s proprietary database of 20,000 social impact activities, including ways to virtually participate in giving, volunteering, advocacy, and learning. Clients can also customize the activities used in the matching process.

All nonprofit organizations within our database undergo a 2-step oversight process: 1) Organizations are evaluated by independent verifying organizations, such as GlobalGiving, Charity Navigator, and Candid; 2) Final selections are run through Summery’s Charitable Giving Fund to ensure fiduciary compliance. Here’s an overview of the verifying organizations used in the selection process.

About Client Support

Yes! You choose the degree of quiz customization that’s appropriate to your needs and budget. We provide 3 options: 1) Core quiz with no changes that launches in 24 hours; 2) Configured quizzes that offer changes to quiz demographic screens, white labeling, and personalized matching; and 3) Customized quizzes that offer newly created and tested questions, photos, and matching capabilities.

We offer turnkey launch campaigns with hands-on advisory services, including A/B-tested email, social media, and website templates, as well as access to a reservoir of Kind Quiz graphics to support outreach campaigns. We also provide ongoing support, including monthly data insights and team calls to share best practices and ongoing curation ideas to help you leverage your Kind Quiz data analytics throughout the year to achieve your goals. Contact [email protected] for a sample of our support materials.

We offer an Annual Services Agreement featuring SaaS pricing. Contact [email protected] for a custom quote.

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