Summery™ has a nice ring to it. What is it?
We're glad you asked. 🤗 A Summery is a curated list of meaningful social impact activities scientifically-matched to your personality and preferences! After a one-time, 5-minute onboarding survey, you instantly receive your very own guide to good, inspiring you to take easy and immediate action. Then, every week, you receive fresh new insights and activities delivered direct to your inbox. 💃
My Summery™ really gets me. How did you do it?
The questions you answer during the onboarding process provide us with insight into your personality and preferences. We then leverage proprietary AI to curate 3 new activities for you each week. 🔮 These activities are chosen from a global, dynamic database of more than 100,000 online opportunities for social good.
Where can I see my Summery™?
Your personalized Summery link is sent to you via email 1) upon survey completion, and 2) every Saturday when we deliver a new edition of fresh activities and insights. You can also bookmark your Summery link to visit at any time. 👀
Help! I can't find the activities from previous weeks.
Your Summery has a unique link created especially for you. Each issue date is tacked on to the end of your unique link. For instance, let's say Matthew McConaughey's unique link is 123abcdef789. Matthew can find his unique August 19, 2023 issue by adding on the date to his link, like this: 123abcdef789-20230819. (👋 Hi Matthew!)
My link doesn't work. What should I do?
Oh no! 🙀 First, be sure your link is correct. Your link is a unique url specifically designed to protect your identity via a string of random numbers. The best way to check your Summery link is to use the "copy link" feature in your tool bar (and to bookmark it!). If you're sure your link is correct and your Summery does not appear, contact us at and we'll suss it out for you.
I'm not really feeling the activities in my Summery™. How can I change them?
Well, poop. We can't have that! The more you interact with your Summery, the more our AI model will improve and deliver more of the good stuff you'll love.
What if I lose my Summery™ link?
Not to worry! We'll be sending it to you again every Saturday. 😉
How can I create even more positive impact in the world?
Simple! By sharing your Summery experience with friends, family, and coworkers! 📢 Here's how: On the last page and in the header of every Summery are share links for texting, email, and social media. You can invite your favorite peeps to join you there.
How do you choose community donations?
We don't choose—you do! 👌🏼 On the first of every month, we aggregate every Summery™. Our algorithms then choose the nonprofit organization (out of nearly 50,000) that best matches all of our collective values that month so we can do more good together. 😎
Can my organization use Summery™ to increase engagement and social impact?
Totally. We often work with large organizations, including NASDAQ and Fortune 500 companies, like Salesforce; universities like Stanford and NYU; philanthropic organizations, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and community organizations and large conferences. 👩🏽‍💻 Simply drop us a line at
Who is behind my Summery™? Magicians?
Your Summery is made with love by the company Summery®—go figure! They're a collective of sunny scientists, engineers, creators, and business leaders who care about humanity. Led by Founder & CEO Erin Michelson, we came together to make a positive impact in the world by helping individuals easily take meaningful action. 🌎
What do you do with my data?
We do not sell or share your individual data. 🚫 We only use your data to help curate social good activities specifically for you. And we use aggregated and anonymized Summery data to help inform industry trends and make donations. Please visit our Privacy Policy to review our ethical data stance.
How can I remove my data from Summery?
You can unsubscribe at any time via the link on our communications. To delete your data, simply email us at with "delete" in the subject line. 🗑️