Erin Michelson

Why I started Summery

I founded Summery after a two-year trip volunteering with humanitarian organizations in all 7 continents, 62 countries. Before setting off, I sold everything I owned and started a charitable fund to give away the money as I traveled.

When I returned, I wrote a book series called Adventure Philanthropist to share the joy I found in volunteering and to inspire others to find professional and personal fulfillment through social impact activities. And while the book was successful, folks couldn’t see themselves living my extreme lifestyle.

So I stopped touring with the book and decided to build the tools to help people first understand their values and then easily activate their values. I recruited an ex-Google engineer to build the prototype of The Kind Quiz and quickly assembled Summery’s A-team to help build out this vision of participatory philanthropy.

That first MVP was more than 3 years ago. Today, Summery is continuing to expand its reach from the philanthropic space, to educational organizations, and into the corporate world. Please join us on this journey to inspire profound individual, organizational, and societal change.

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