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Use Case #1

Human Resources

Advanced Employee Recruitment & Retention Tactics
The HR team leverages analytics to hire and promote individuals that balance the company’s culture.

Benefits include:

  • An unbiased, quantitatively based assessment of aggregate personnel values.
  • Identifying employees and applicants that will excel within a specific team structure.
  • Monthly campaigns focused on strengthening corporate cultural alignment.
Use Case #2

Risk Management

Increased Transparency & Regulatory Compliance
Corporate governance officers at a multinational corporation use assessment tools to meet international regulations on monitoring and assessing corporate culture.

Benefits include:

  • Baseline measurements in which to track growth in cultural alignment over a 3-year period.
  • In-depth cultural alignment diagnostic at the individual, team, and employee cohort level.
  • Evidence-based analytics to be included in annual reports & regulatory reporting.
Use Case #3


Turbo-charged, Highly Targeted Consumer Outreach
Marketing team utilizes tools for consumer-based values assessment that provide insights for brand development and personalized sales strategies.

Benefits include:

  • Data-driven consumer-product matching based on prescriptive analytics.
  • Cost-effective marketing campaigns at the consumer and community level.
  • Communications guidelines that resonate with consumer and community base.