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AI-driven social impact engagement

Assess, activate, and align your organizational culture

What our clients are saying

“Seeing the giving personalities of our teammates and the data-driven donation representing their values was not only insightful, but a fun way to engage our team.”

Alana Shain

Director of Culture & Innovation, Salesforce

“The Kind Quiz not only enables our students to develop an awareness about themselves but also helps employers gain a greater understanding of their core values—a key differentiator in this hiring market.”

Isis Torres

NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center

“The GoGates quiz sits at the intersection of innovation and personalization, providing our partners with an inspiring, action-driven experience.”

Jennifer Alcorn

Deputy Director, Philanthropic Partnerships
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“Summery data is providing us with a clear path forward as we bring together staff, faculty, and students to continue to build a community of kindness across our campus.”

Eva Bagg, PhD

Superintendent / President
Barstow Community College

“The data analytic insights from our Kind Quiz not only provided us with an immediate advantage in understanding and activating our donors’ values, but also ongoing value with a monthly influx of prospective donors, a way to virtually engage corporate volunteers, and the analytics o inform our Giving Season fundraising campaigns.”

Lance Morgan

President, Marine Conservation Institute

“The Kind Quiz exceeded our expectations in terms of acquiring new donor prospects and community engagement rates—delivering an excellent ROI.”

Sherrie Goldstein

Associate Marketing Director
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Based on values. Backed by science. Served with data.

Advanced technology leverages behavioral science and AI to measure, assess, and activate stakeholder values & social impact.

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Engagement starts with The Kind Quiz®

    • Measure & assess an individual’s values like empathy, integrity, innovation
    • Spark stakeholder engagement by matching personalized, values-based activities
    • Curate ongoing campaigns to attract prospects & engage talent

Achieve cultural alignment via the Net Culture Score®

  • Independently evaluate & quantify organizational culture
  • Score the alignment between organizational culture & stakeholder values
  • Set a baseline to monitor changes in culture & behavior over time

Simple, turn-key technology

  • Collecting (invaluable) data is as easy as
    sending an email
  • No platform to buy
    API integration options

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