Set a baseline to accurately measure your investment in ESG.

What you think your culture is and what it really is may be two different things. How can you really know for sure? That’s the question we were born to answer.

Measuring your culture enables you to optimize performance. You become better equipped to correct any misalignments before they negatively impact your business. And your business becomes poised for growth.

With Summery, you can now quantify those once elusive sets of values and behaviors that are shared between your organization and its employees, customers, and investors.

Quantify the “S” in ESG with behavioral science-based, AI-driven applications.

Summery’s advanced technology delivers social and human capital program assessments that are:

  • Objective – No self-reports. Instead, it’s an independent appraisal backed by science
  • Transparent – Measures the alignment between stakeholder values & organizational culture
  • Measurable – Offers the ability to set a cultural baseline to assess progress
  • Immediate – No employee training or coaching regime. AI-driven results & activation in 24-hrs
  • Responsive – AI-curated activities to direct culture over time

Measure outcomes,
Not intentions.

Businesses and organizations that can accurately access and activate their culture will reign.

As a result, you gain the certainty that your investment in ESG, DEI, and social impact programs are performing at optimal levels.

Measure & activate stakeholder values with behavioral science-based tools.

Quantify organizational alignment between aspirational vs. actual culture.

You’ll be in good company.

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value-driven organizations.

Globally compatible, multilingual, and in use in 146 countries.

Our global footprint means we are GDPR compatible and sync with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. And our American Disabilities Act compliance ensures our tools are accessible to all.

Applying AI to tackle some of your biggest ESG challenges.

Summery’s advanced technology delivers Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions that are:

  • Scalable: From 100 employees to 100,000 employees in a blink
  • Personalized: Proprietary curation engine matching individuals with programs, people, & opportunities at 98,304 : 1
  • Integrated: Data delivered the way you want, including APIs & custom integrations
  • Cost Effective: No platform buy. Instead, apps that work with your existing technology & deploy in 24 hours

Your people are your most valuable asset.

Deep-learning technology, proprietary databases, and turn-key integrations provide executive leadership with data-driven assessments of your social and human capital investments.

Let us provide the data that is independent, scientific, immediate, and actionable.

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